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The only network of hotels with a high web reputation.

Our Hotel Network has very quickly become one of the main collaborations of quality accommodation facilities, united by the desire to remain independent yet benefit from the strength of a large group which is a privileged point of reference for high quality properties throughout the country, appealing to Tour Operators around the world. Our structures, chosen for their high web ratings, benefit from a tailor-made support system, calibrated to their specific needs.

Commercial development is activated not only online, but also on traditional distribution channels, catering to the specific requirements of the facility, including image, corporate style, target customers, rates and services. We select our hotels throughout the country with extreme care. Although location and star rating vary, we do expect the following from all properties:

A focus on hospitality and a pleasing, welcoming atmosphere. 0

Maximum attention to cleanliness, order and maintenance 0

Appropriate price/services ratio. 0

The true essence of a stay to remember.

We focus on the elements that constitute the true essence of a “stay to remember” which is a positive experience. An experience to be repeated and the ability and confidence to recommend the “experience” to family, friends and acquaintances. In order to verify that a facility will meet these criteria, our staff will:

Conduct an inspection of the structure, focusing on room, common areas, meeting areas, eventual catering services, etc.

Verify the web reputation through REVIEWPRO analysis software, admitting only those properties recommended by customers.

Periodic inspections of the general maintenance of the structure and verification of required improvements.

The timeliness of feedback rather than the availability of its collaborators makes the partnership between our companies always very effective at any company level, from management to operations.

By Fabrizio Prete - Founder and General Director - Garibaldi Hotels

In a very short time with Geco direct personnel costs, revenue performance and commercial relations were optimized, first only in the TO market and now in the new MICE and Corporate segments.

By Andrea Bertolio - CEO, Doria Grand Hotel (Milano)

Gecohotels has become our partner precisely with the aim of strengthening offline sales by sharing commercial aspects, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities yet to be developed and possible threats that are present on the market.

By Regina Franz-Gottardo - Director, Hotel Garden Terme (Montegrotto Terme)

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