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Chosen by travellers Chosen by travellers

Our properties have been directly recommended by previous satisfied guests. Welcomed by helpful and friendly staff. That's why our hotels are Chosen by Travellers.

Be met with clean, tidy and well-kept structures.
An appropriate price/quality ratio.
Seeing expectations met.
Enjoy maximum satisfaction from the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

How are the “recommendations” from guests collected?

We use Travel Appeal’s “ReviewPro”, a tool that measures reputation performance as well as operational/service strengths and weaknesses of each facility; taking into account type of property and star ranking, (this indicator is clearly visible next to each of the structures).

What happens if a structure no longer enjoys the approval of its guests?

As soon as we verify a decline in the Travel Appeal satisfaction indicator, we intervene to identify the reasons and remedy them. If the situation persists, the structure in question is excluded from our Network.

What is the advantage of potential customers to book a “Gecohotel”?

The guarantee that they will enjoy the experience of their stay based on the satisfaction and fulfillment of expectations of previous guests of the establishment.

What advantages do hoteliers have in joining Gecohotels?

Each hotel that becomes part of our network has the possibility to maintain its independence, but will enjoy the strength of a large group in the world of international tour operators.

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